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Mis hermanos sueñan despiertos
Mis Hermanos is a Chilean drama film directed by Claudia Huaiquimilla. The story revolves around three siblings - Lucas, Catalina, and Raul, who live in an indigenous Mapuche community in southern Chile.

Lucas, the oldest brother, works as a logger for a forestry company, but he struggles with alcoholism and is unhappy with his job. Catalina is a talented musician who dreams of pursuing her passion for music, while Raul is a rebellious teenager who frequently clashes with his siblings and the local community.

Their lives take a dramatic turn when their mother dies, and they are forced to confront their individual desires and the collective challenges faced by their community. They find solace and support in their indigenous identity while navigating their complicated relationships with each other and the outside world.

As the siblings come together to honor their mother's legacy, they also become aware of the environmental and social issues that threaten their way of life. They join forces with other community members to fight against the destructive practices of the forestry company, seeking justice and reclaiming their ancestral lands.

Mis Hermanos is a powerful exploration of indigenous identity, family dynamics, and the struggle for justice and preservation of traditions in the face of modern challenges. The film showcases the beauty and resilience of the Mapuche people while shedding light on the ongoing cultural and environmental issues impacting indigenous communities in Chile.

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